About Us

Amp’d Up Custom Hearing Protection, LLC was founded in 2016. Rebecca discovered a large need for affordable and accessible hearing protection for people in all kinds of occupations as well as for common recreational activities.

The most common barriers that keep people from protecting their hearing are availability, cost and lack of comfort. Every earplug on the market that is not a custom molded earplug by a professional is what Rebecca calls an “almost fit.”

Amp’d Up Custom Hearing Protection is available at your job site, as well as multiple gun range locations across the valley.

These custom molded earplugs are so comfortable because they are a perfect fit. While the earplugs are molded by hand in each individual’s own ears makes the earplugs much more comfortable to be slept in and easily worn during an entire shift at work – without any discomfort.

Rebecca and her staff ensure that every set of earplugs are comfortable and highly effective at only a fraction of the cost at an audiologist office.

Please contact Amp’d Up Custom Hearing Protection today to find out how we can enhance the hearing protection for everyone in your workplace or your fun recreational activities.